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Benedictineabbey is one of the most renowned companies offering a range of massage services for corporate events in Sydney and Melbourne. Our firm was founded back in the year of 2005 with the sole objective to offer you relaxed and affordable massage services. We have a team of specialised therapists that brings mobile massage services to your workplace. Our approach focuses on offering your employees with onsite and quality massage therapy. We are also a part of stress management programs so that employees feel refreshed and focus on their work in a better way. For more details, call us now.
To make sure that our client gets the best possible massage, all our professionals are examined in person by the head therapist, who is highly experienced and has in-depth knowledge. During the hiring process, all the therapists undergo a complete and strict on boarding process so they remain consistent in providing their treatment. At Benedictineabbey Company, all our therapists are qualified and have a Certificate 4 in massage therapy.

The reasons why we started providing these services was to help hardworking professionals feel less stressed at work and have greater productivity. Working professionals in Sydney and Melbourne In today’s fast-paced corporate world deal with tremendous stress, anxiety and depression. It is not suitable for their mental health. What’s more, due to the work pressure, physical health of working professionals is affected since many report having frequent headaches, neck pains, strained muscles, backaches etc, especially for those working for the best removalists Melbourne and cleaning squad for End of Lease Cleaning Geelong. They have to deal not only with work pressure in COVID-19 times, but also manage heavy loads. All these factors cause them to feel overworked, demotivated, and tired. Our specialised massage team understands the concerns and demand of each job type and provides services accordingly. They are well aware of the pressure points and thus give maximum relief to the customer.

Even a slight massage for 15 mins will help calm down employees at a fast-paced and highly-stressful workplace and restore their sanity and mental peace. This is because our experienced staff members use massage therapy in an intelligent manner to help working professionals regain their nerves and focus on their work completely so that they can be efficient and productive in any environment. Our esteemed customer who works for company operating online portal offering Best Business for sale Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other major location locations of Australia, has been a regular with us and vows for medical benefits of our massages. Many medical professionals also believe that these massages are also beneficial in the long term to help people deal with the stress and pain of diseases like stomach issues, fibromyalgia, cancer and heart disease.

Therefore, we offer workplace massages ranging from 5-30 minutes chair massages at offices, corporate events, and other official sites. These massages are rendered by professional therapists who have years of experience and knowledge of what are the most common problem points of people with desk jobs working in a high-stress environment. Our therapists listen to each client before providing their service to understand the issues and the most affected areas. They also ask how intense pressure is suitable for you, and if you are receiving a massage for the first time, they apply the gentlest yet sufficient pressure.

The benefits of getting our chair massages at workplaces are numerous, which is why most of our clients keep availing our services. Some of the advantages of getting massages at your workplace or any other high-stress events are mentioned as follows.

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions
  • Felling relaxed and energised
  • Boosted motivation and an increase in work productivity
  • Helps elevate neck and headaches, decreases muscles tension, releases knots in upper back/trapezius, lowers blood pressure, etc.
  • Helps improve focus and mental clarity

Over the years, Benedictineabbey has offered its services to a host of the small, medium, and large companies like the ones offering the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, and have made a base of loyal clients. They are our regular customers, which includes not only the staff but also top level managers! We too avail their professional services to keep our premises spotless and free of germs and viruses, which is essential in current scenario of spread of COVID-19. According to feedback from our clients, we have helped them boost morale at workplaces, increase employee retention, attract hard workers, etc.

We are dedicated to offering specifically customised corporate massage and wellness services to your business events, workplace and corporate outings. We have a team of highly-trained and qualified health practitioners who will help de-stress, relax and rejuvenate your team so they can get back to work with new energy and enthusiasm. Being a leading name in the corporate massage sector, we emphasise on maintaining the highest hygiene environment during our corporate massage, chair massage, yoga and meditation sessions. Our professionals maintain good personal hygiene while keeping you safe and relaxed throughout the therapy.

Our onsite corporate massage services include seated chair massage, table massage and roving ‘At Desk’ massage. We can customise any of these office massage services to suit your specific needs. The main objective of our onsite massage services is to reduce tension and muscle pain from sitting at your desk for long hours. Whether you have a corporate event or product launches, etc, we are always ready to assist you across Sydney and Melbourne

We also take pride in offering mobile services to individuals and groups to relax their mind, body and soul. Our handpicked practitioners will come to your place along with all the necessary equipment and product and give you the best wellness experience. So, whether you are working from home full-time or part-time, this is a perfect way to enjoy mobile massages at a comfort of your home. We believe that our massages can heal your muscle pain, boost your energy and refresh your mind for higher productivity. You can avail our remedial massage to repair damaged muscle or area of your body and heal quickly. This particular massage aims to track the deep-rooted cause and repair it with proper therapeutic sessions.

Our company is committed to offering top-notch corporate massage, yoga and wellness services in Sydney and Melbourne at the most reasonable price. You can also encourage your employees to train in first aid, performing CPR and other health emergency management through our health and training courses. So, whether you need a relaxing corporate massage, mobile massage or access our training courses, contact our team and we will help you get the best quality service at the best price.

We are one of the renowned names in the massage industry because our services are provided by high-trained professionals always strive to maintain the cleaning standard throughout the procedure. We encourage our therapists to follow all the precautionary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also keep the premises clean with the help of an experienced cleaning company which specialise in offering the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They also offer other cleaning services using high-end cleaning tools and eco-friendly products. Our aim is to provide you the most relaxed experience in a safe and sound environment.

You can rest assured our services are given with utmost professionalism and sincerity. Our experts with years of experience and knowledge understand client requirements and offer personalised solutions. Thus, whether you want to have a 10 minutes massage session or a lengthier one; you can get it at Benedictineabbey. Our services are economical and you can avail them for treating yourself at any time irrespective you are at work or at home. To book a session, you can get in touch with us via email or call. Kindly make bookings in advance for avoiding any inconvenience plus get the best deals.

Our Exceptional Massage Services For You

We are one of the leading service providers of corporate massage services. Our diverse range of massage solutions will help in reducing the anxiety level and also give you peace of mind. The clients who have most physically and mentally tiring jobs come to us for special treatments. One of our client working as Removalists Newcastle has given us the name of "MIND & SOUL SAVIOURS". Our professionals have incorporated innovative techniques to give you exceptional experience. If you are concerned about the best hair removal treatment in the city, then you can also avail laser treatment because it is the safest methods. Along with massage services, you can also take an appointment from a well known skin clinic offering Professional Laser Hair Removal Melbourne. This is the best way to feel pampered and safe with these exceptional services.

All our clients are special and important for us and we want to make sure that each client gets the best possible massage. In order to do this, we make sure our highly-experienced and trained head therapist examines all our professionals in person. We are thankful to Commercialproperty2sell, the online portal to find an array of Commercial Real estate in Sydney. They helped us find the right property for our massage center in just a few clicks! When we are hiring our therapists, we make sure they undergo a strict onboarding process to keep them consistent in their treatments. At Benedictineabbey Company, all our therapists are qualified and have a Certificate 4 in massage therapy. We also make sure that each therapist is aware of all the latest advances in the field of massage.

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