Have questions? Get the answers here. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

1. What does on-site chair massage mean?

It means our therapists will come to the workplace to provide the massage sessions. They will bring the equipment that is portable and can be set up at any place on the premises. Depending on the duration of the service, our therapists will either ask you to remain seated on at your desk or will have to sit on an ergonomically designed chair with cradles for the face, arms, and legs.

2. Can the massages be provided to numerous people?

Absolutely! Considering the budget and time of massage, it would be best to go for the 5-minute motivator massage service. We can provide several therapists who will provide massages to all the employees on their desks. For these massages, no set will be required. We have the resources to provide corporate massages to small, medium, and large companies.

3. What is the minimum booking time, and how can I book a therapist?

For scheduling a therapist to visit your workplace, the minimum booking time is one day. If the therapists have to be booked for corporate or private events, the minimum booking time is 15 days.

To make the booking you can contact us via call, email, or IM and our sales representatives will happy to help. Please note we charge a small booking amount that can be refunded within 24 hours if the client changes his/her mind.

4. What happens on massage day?

On the day of the massage, our sales representative will email or IM the client about the arrival time of the therapist. We encourage our practitioners to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the massage sessions are to begin so that they can coordinate with the client or the concerned person to set up their equipment and get ready.

5. Who Pays for the Massages?

Here are three options when it comes to paying for the services. The company pays: The employer pays on receipt of the invoice. The massage program can be availed for a one-off session or be on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis. The working professional pays: The employee pays cash when they receive their massage. The company’s management gives permission for the service to be provided and allocates a room.

Subsidised: The employer pays a subsidy, and the employee pays the remainder. For example, a company may choose to pay for 50 % of the treatment.