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First Aid Frequently Asked Questions

All first aid courses are customised to suit your needs...

However, there are some common questions that clients ask and here are the answers. If it still makes no sense please email your questions via our contact page and we'll reply within the day.

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What training do we provide?

The Benedictineabbey Company is licensed to provide on-site training customised to your specific work place requirements. Nationally recognised, Workcover approved courses available are:

Apply First Aid (HLTFA301B) This course incorporates the content of HLTCPR201A Perform CPR and HLTFA201A Provide basic emergency life support. It is valid for 3 years and is recognised nationally.

Perform CPR (HLTCPR201A) It is recommended by the Australian Resuscitation Council that the CPR component of this course be updated every 12 months.

Emergency Care Training Upon successful completion of this course participants will receive an Emergency Care record of completion. This course is recognised by the NSW DET.

Emergency Asthma Management Run under license from the Asthma Foundation, this is a three hour course dealing with the causes and treatment of asthma. Excellent for parents of children with asthma.

How do we do it?

The Perform CPR course takes between two and three hours, depending on numbers. Participants are first taken through the theory, followed by a practical examination and finally a written test completes the course.

Emergency Asthma Management is a three hour course. It covers the symptoms and treatments of asthma and included a short theory and practical examination.

The Apply First Aid certificate is normally completed in a single day via Flexible Delivery. This means participants each complete a workbook prior to the training day. This workbook can be done either online, or using hard copy Either logins will be emailed or the hard copies will be mailed to your workplace prior to the course. This certificate can also be delivered as a full course over two days.

When can we train?

Generally training is available Monday though Friday, between 9am and 5pm. Of course, every one has different needs so early starts or late finishes can be arranged, as well as Saturday classes.

Where do we train?

At your place. All of our training is on-site. All that is needed is a room large enough to comfortably fit the students.

Access to audio-visual equipment (a data projector or large monitor) is preferred but not essential.

We suply all training materials. All the students need to bring is a pen, some paper to write on and photo identification.

How much does it cost?

The price for an AFA Certificate is $165 per person but discounts may apply for larger groups and multiple bookings. The minimum number in any class is five, the maximum is 20.

The CPR certificate is $60 per person.

Again, we all have different needs so if you have class sizes of more or less than the above limits, give us a call or send an email and we’ll work something out.

Who needs the training?

Most places of business are required to have at least one staff member who has a current Apply First Aid Certificate. We teach the course to parents and teachers, physiotherapists, doctors, council workers, nannies and school children. It is nationally recognized and is valid for three years.

If your certificate is expiring soon you should do a refresher before it does! Refresher courses are the same as the full course but you aren't required to complete the workbook. Please bring to class a copy of your current certificate.

Which areas do you visit?

We provide first aid training to business and groups in the Sydney Area. As we work through a license with Surf Lifesaving NSW we are also able to assist you with professional first aid training nationally.

If you have any further questions regarding first aid training please contact us.