Frequently Asked Questions

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All treatments are unique and customised to suite your need...

However there are some common questions that client ask - we've attempted to answer some of the most frequent questions for you.

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What is an on-site massage chair?

It is an ergonomically designed chair which allows the client to relax with their head in a face cradle and their knees positioned on knee pads. It is as comfortable as a massage bed but you aren’t lying down! The therapist can then easily access the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

The client doesn’t need to remove any clothing and no oil is applied.

What happens on massage day?

The Benedictineabbey company therapists will arrive at your workplace 30 minutes before treatments begin. A contact person from your organisation will meet them and show them to the allocated massage space so they can set up for treatment.

Once treatments are over, therapists will pack up and ensure the room is left as they found it.

What is the minimum booking time?

For workplace and event massage, the minimum time for a booking is 3 hours. Please contact us for a quote.


We have hundreds of employees; can you provide massage to us?

Absolutely, depending on your budget and time considerations, we would recommend the 5 min motivator to be given at employees desks or using on-site massage in an unused meeting room or office.

Contact us for a quote.

How much does it cost per therapist booked?

In general our rates for workplace and event massage are between $70-85 per therapist per hour (plus GST).  

Please contact us for a formal quote.

Who pays for workplace massage?

There are 3 options for payment:

  • 100% Company funded: The employer pays on receipt of invoice. The massage program is implemented on a one off / weekly / fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • 100% employee-funded: The employee pays cash when they receive their massage. Company management gives permission for the service to be provided and allocates a room.
  • Subsidised: The employer pays a subsidy and the employee pays the remainder. For example a company may choose to pay for 50 % of the treatment.

How do you accept payment?

Our preferred payment method is EFT (electronic funds transfer)

We also accept cash and cheques as payment

Can I get a health fund receipt for rebates?

Yes, we provide receipts, on request, for most major health funds.

How will my business and staff benefit from massage?

Regular workplace massage shows your staff that they are being recognised and rewarded for their work, especially if they have been putting in extra effort and hours to complete a project or reach a target. It is a healthy and effective incentive and reward program.

Research shows massage has positive results. Your staff will be feeling more focused, less stressed and less tense, especially if the program is implemented fortnightly or monthly.

Each treatment builds on the previous….the effects of massage are cumulative because it is essential body maintenance!

Do you provide advice on posture and stretching?

Absolutely, our massage practitioners are all able to give tips on posture, workstation ergonomics and stretch and strengthen techniques for each individual.

What areas do you visit?

We provide corporate and event massage to Sydney and Melbourne CBD and surrounds.

Please contact us to see if we can service your suburb..

Any further questions? Please contact us on 0421 545 589 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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What Clients Say

We have used The Benedictineabbey Company to treat our staff since 2008. Our staff look forward to every visit. The massages are superb.…
Kylie Ball, Operations Manager, Quay Restaurant
The massage therapists did a wonderful job at our trade fair. Both attendees and exhibitors of the fair thoroughly enjoyed their massages. All in all a great success!…
Jade Kaldor, Gift & Homewares Australia
Thank you to The Benedictineabbey Company for providing massages to our Sydney and Melbourne offices. The staff loved them!…
Michelle Mastroianni, Russell Investments.

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