Our team

The Benedictineabbey Company is a successful venture all because of a solid team of compassionate, dedicated, and experienced professionals. The first two members are the directors Tracy and Warwick Bright without whom the journey of our company would not have started, and we would not be witnessing such exemplary response from our clients. Tracy and Warwick understand how mentally and physically taxing working in a corporate environment is, which is why they strive to provide the company's services to every working professional in Sydney and Melbourne. Also, they believe in inclusion and growth. Therefore, our services are provided at private and corporate events, and we have ventured into rendering First Aid training as well.

In addition to the company's directors, our team comprises of several massage therapists with years of experience, expert knowledge, and the passion for providing personalised services. All our expert therapists are associated with us via contracts that were signed after Tracy and Warwick conducted thorough background checks. We only hire therapists with five or more years of experience of providing corporate chair massages. Plus, we ensure they have the tools required to provide these services and have a record of rendering the services professionals. Before hiring the therapists, we ask for client references as well and get feedback to be absolutely sure that the therapist will be able to make our clients happy. You can rest assured; our therapists qualified and certified health workers with full public liability and indemnity insurance. Their health fund receipts can be made available upon request.

Our team also has sales representatives who work hard to help connect with various potential clients. They take care of queries, client requirements, and answer every call or email. Our sales team is responsible for coordinating with the companies, event planners, individuals, groups, etc. for scheduling chair massage therapy sessions along with the first-aid training. So, if you want to avail any of our services, our sales team would be happy to provide assistance.

Our company has grown exponentially due to their support and hard work. It is due to our team; we are able to challenge the perception that getting a massage is a luxury rather than a necessity. Also, we are able to provide a variety of services and coordinate with our clients in Sydney and Melbourne with the backing of our team.

You can rely on us to offer the best corporate massage services in the industry at competitive rates. Our team strives to make each client happy by being professional and rendering reliable services. If you book a therapist via our company, we assure you there will be no disappointment.

They will listen to your requirements and provide customised solutions. What's more, we ensure to send the same practitioner to your office to maintain their bond with the people they provide their services to and help establish your trust in them as well. If you are interested in availing our services, then give us a call Monday to Friday or email us any time. Our team will be happy to help!