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Workplace massage

Reward and re-energise your team in as little as 5 minutes!

Our practitioners recognise the need to treat the individual as well as the team, knowing we each have our own unique aches, pains and health issues. Our aim is to nurture, relax and restore you back to your best….and help keep you there.

A treatment package will be tailored to suit the individual needs of each business. We can arrange weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off visits. Please contact us for further information and pricing or a detailed quote. We use Bond cleaning in Canberra, one of the biggest cleaning company in Canberra for all our office cleaning & detailing in order to make sure that all our clients are always welcomed to a clean, fresh place to relax.

Mobile workplace options include:

5 to 30 minute onsite massage

5 to 30 minute treatments are provided using an on-site massage chair or massage table.

  • Massages are given in a quiet corner of the office or meeting room. We can use relaxation music and aromatherapy oil burners.

  • We maintain continuity and support by aiming to provide the same massage therapist for each visit.

  • Ongoing advice on stretching, appropriate exercise and posture is given to help maintain an ache free body.

How much does it cost per therapist booked?

Our rates for workplace and event massage are between $70-85 per therapist per hour (plus GST).

The 5 minute motivator

The 5 min motivator is an invigorating skilled massage given at an employee’s desk which produces a sea of smiling faces!

This is ideal:

  • When a 5 to 10 minute massage session is required.

  • For treating dozens (or even hundreds) of staff in a short space of time (call centre’s etc.). Roving therapists offer the 5 minute motivator to employees at their work stations.

  • There is less interruption to the office routine as the treatment is given on location and in the employees' office chair. We do not use headrests that attach to employees desks.

How much does it cost per therapist booked?

Our rates for workplace and event massage are between $70-85 per therapist per hour (plus GST).

Regular visits to the workplace will result in:

  • Increased productivity, concentration and creativity

  • Reduced stress and fatigue and subsequently less absenteeism

  • Less tension in the neck, shoulders and arms, resulting in less headaches and RSI related injuries.

  • The natural release of endorphins creating increased energy and ‘happy vibes’ in the workplace


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What Clients Say

We have used The Benedictineabbey Company to treat our staff since 2008. Our staff look forward to every visit. The massages are superb.…
Kylie Ball, Operations Manager, Quay Restaurant
The massage therapists did a wonderful job at our trade fair. Both attendees and exhibitors of the fair thoroughly enjoyed their massages. All in all a great success!…
Jade Kaldor, Gift & Homewares Australia
Tried Benedictineabbey once to give my staff a relaxed time as a christmas gift and i wasn't dissapointed. All of our cleaning technicians were happy and completely satisfied. 10/10 would recommend.
Nick Brown, Bond Cleaning in Brisbane
Thank you to The Benedictineabbey Company for providing massages to our Sydney and Melbourne offices. The staff loved them!…
Michelle Mastroianni, Russell Investments.

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