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Want to make your event different and stand out? Here is the opportunity. Book our therapists to provide five to thirty minutes of massage services at corporate and private events at competitive prices. Our services can be availed at the following events.

Corporate Events

  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Staff wellbeing days
  • Charity golf days
  • Corporate parties
  • Product launches
  • Private Events

  • Baby showers
  • Weddings
  • Bridal Parties
  • Pamper Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • At these events, we provide experienced, well presented and friendly massage practitioners. They have all the equipment, tools, and supplies to provide the massages effectively and efficiently. Even at events, our therapists maintain professionalism and continue to perform their massages without distractions. They can be hired for a few hours or the whole day, depending on the length of the environment. Our therapists are available for providing their massage services on consecutive days if the event is an ongoing one.

    For events, our therapists arrange chairs and tables. They arrive on time at the venues and make their set up before guests come. The event managers can decide where the practitioners set their equipment. According to the brief, the practitioner will provide the services and can offer customised solutions as well depending on the type of business or event.

    You can rest assured that optimum hygiene is maintained during events. Here are the things that professional therapists do to ensure cleanliness is prioritised. They use disposal cradle covers that are removed and changed The high touch areas are disinfected using wipes after each session The therapists keep their hands clean by washing them or sanitising them before starting a massage

    While booking our services for events make the bookings at least 15 days prior to the event. Check for availability and let our representative know what you are looking for. Give proper details such as duration, event type, how many people will be attending, the number of therapists required, etc.

    What's more, while booking, you will get an email of certain terms and conditions our therapist may have while providing their massage services at an event. If you are okay with them, only then will the formalities be complete.

    To schedule massage services for events, you can contact us or make the appointment online. Our sales representatives will be available on call, messages, and emails to answer queries and make bookings. Please note a booking amount will be charged and it will be refundable for 24hours. The rates will be quoted according to hours and how many therapists are required.

    By availing our services, you can make your event a success and get excellent feedback. Your guests will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness. Having massage therapists at your event can help you crack deals, make contacts, and make your guests happy.

    Gift Massages

    In recent years the trend to gift corporate massages has picked up. Businesses and working professionals have started scheduling massages at workplaces or events for employees and clients.

    At, Benedictineabbey Company, we have provided our services for businesses seeking to keep their top clients happy. We can arrange for thirty-minute chair massages for clients who you want to retain or close a deal with. Every entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to keep clients happy and gifting massaged to them at their workplaces or an event is an excellent idea. By arranging massages for them, you can let your clients know they are appreciated and you value the business they give. Another reason why gifting corporate massages is a good idea is because most entrepreneurs think of showing appreciation is by sending gifts or taking them to lunches/dinners. However, you can stand out by gifting a long and personalised corporate massage to your clients.

    Not only can you make your clients happy by gifting free massages, but you can also boost morale and increase productivity at your office by surprising massage sessions for 5-10 minutes for each member of your team. Trust us, your employees and colleagues will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Besides this, you can gift massages to your clients, stakeholders, and employees on special occasions or as a thank you gift after attending an event.

    Besides gifting massages for pleasing clients and making employees happy, you can give massages as presents at private events like baby showers, pamper parties, bridal events, weddings, birthdays etc. These gifts are especially excellent for pregnant women, the elderly, people with high-stress jobs etc.

    How to gift massages? It is simple to book a massage session as a gift. You can do it online or contact us via call, email, or IM. We can arrange for the therapists to reach the designated place on time and provide the massage to the selected person or group of people only. For such massages, we recommended planning and booking the time slot along with the therapist on time. Massages are great to let people in your life know you appreciate them and care for their wellbeing. By arranging a session(s), you can help your near, and dear ones feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and less stressed.

    What's more chair massages can be your way of thanking your clients, stakeholders, employees, colleagues, and those close to you. So, give us a call now if you are thinking of gifting a session or sessions at a workplace, corporate event or private setting.

    Where ever you want to us to send our therapists with the equipment to provide the gift, we will arrange for it and manage on-time execution. Our therapists are thorough professionals and will ensure the person or people receiving the massage(s) as a gift are happy with the service.