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First Aid Courses

Since our company is in the business to make the lives of working professionals healthier, besides offering holistic workplace massage services, we provide first-aid training courses under the Surf Life Saving (NSW) license. The Benedictineabbey Company founder and director Warwick Bright is the one who provides three training courses, which are mentioned as follows.

  • Apply First Aid (AFA-formerly Senior First Aid): Mr Bright can provide a short course in a day, and it requires completing an online workbook. The full course is two days long and the preferred one by most of our clients.
  • Perform CPR and CPR Refresher (CPR) Training is given over a two and a half hours to complete
  • The Emergency Asthma Management (EAM) certificate training takes approximately three hours to complete.

Depending on the requirement, companies and individuals can choose to take one or all three training courses. It is common for companies to hire us for giving all three training courses to a group of individuals who the company hand-picks and believes are capable of providing assistance in case of a medical emergency. We are contacted by individuals for our one-on-one training and Warwick is happy to help them as well.

What are Warwick Bright’s (our director) qualifications for providing these courses?

He has a certificate IV in Training and Education, and another Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS). He is training people since 2011 under the license from Surf Life Saving NSW. What’s more, Warwick trains people in construction skills for the Sydney Construction Training School and work as a contract trainer for SLSA NSW.

In addition to running first aid courses for The Benedictineabbey Company (under license from Surf Life Saving NSW), I train people in various crane-related construction skills for Sydney Construction Training School and work as a contract trainer for Surf Life Saving Australia (NSW).

You can contact us at any time of the year to schedule the training sessions. Our sales representatives will be happy to coordinate and set the dates for the courses to be provided.

Benefits of Having First Aid Training in the Workplace

Every company wants its employees to stay safe and healthy, which is why many opt for training their teams in first aid. Here are some benefits of having training in the workplace.

  • It can help save lives in case there is an accident at the office
  • Decrease the possibility of accidents because the team is more aware
  • The office will be a safer place to work for existing employees, and top talent will be attracted due to the company’s policies on safety.
  • The first aid kits can be used properly after receiving the training
  • Your employees can learn important skills that will not only help them stay safe at the workplace but in their personal lives as well.
  • Receiving first aid training, your team will know how to react in case of an emergency and do the necessary things to handle the situation.
  • The cost of investing in the first aid training courses will be a lot less than the cost of ensuring your employees are safe.