What is a corporate chair massage? It is common to ask this question because most people think that massages are something you get at a spa. However, times have changed. Now, certified practitioners provide chair massages at workplaces and events to help working professionals reduce their daily stress and pressure of being in the corporate environment.

We have massage therapists available all days of the week, and they can come to your workplace to give you a chair massage that can be five minutes up to thirty minutes depending on what the customer requests.

Why schedule chair massages at the workplace?

In today's corporate world, it is common for people to stay glued to their systems, work for extended hours and stay hunched over while working. Therefore, most working professionals have headaches, neck pains, back problems, cervical issues, and other ailments that cause them to lose focus, feel demotivated, and tired.

Owning to these problems, companies witness reduced productivity. As a way to help re-energise their employees and regain their zeal for working, they take our assistance. We help corporates retain their employees and attract top talent with our services as well.

Companies that regularly schedule corporate chair massages at their offices have happier, relaxed, and focused workforce. It helps them keep their employees remain motivated, meet their deadlines, work efficiently on projects, and no unproductive days. From experience, we have observed that companies that hire our services have fewer cases of absenteeism considering the employees know they are being cared for and will get a massage to help them deal with the stress and pressure.

On-site Chair Massages Anywhere!

At Benedictineabbey Company, we specialise in offering on-site chair massages. What are these massages? They are therapy sessions provided by expert masseurs on a chair designed to hold the face, arms, and legs of the client in a position that would help the expert give a customised massage focusing on the problem areas. These chairs can be placed anywhere. For example, they can be set up in a meeting room, private area, an inconspicuous area of the office, or someplace where employees can have a relaxing massage session comfortably. Our services can be provided from offices to events anywhere in Sydney and Melbourne.

Scheduling a massage session with our therapists is extremely easy, and it can be managed online. If you are a business owner who wants to avail our massage services, then the minimum time is 3 hours. During the therapy session, our expert(s) will provide 5-30 minutes massages depending on the customer. You or your company's employees can choose how long a therapy session should last. By availing our chair massage services everyone benefits. Working professionals know their company cares for them, there is better productivity at work, the overall environment is energised, and projects are completed on time.

Therefore, if you are interested in booking us for our services, give us a call or email us. We are also available on instant message as well and will happy to help anytime.

Workplace Massage Page

Often working professionals complain about constantly feeling tired, demotivated, and loss of focus. They are stressed about completing the projects, increasing productivity, and staying on top of their work. However, due to long work hours, excessive screen time, and pressure of daily work life – most people feel lags. How can these lags and issues arising from working in a high-stress environment be solved? The answer is Workplace Massages!

They are the best ways to reward and re-energise your team in as little as 5 minutes. We, at Benedictineabbey Company, offer corporate chair massages for workplaces and events in Sydney and Melbourne.

We have a team of experienced, qualified, and certified therapists who can provide effective workplace massages for anyone in the office or at an event. Our therapists have years of experience and excellent people skills that help them recognise the problems an individual may be facing and provide personalised solutions. Their aim is always to help stressed and over-worked people relax, rejuvenate, and regain their strength and motivation to work.

Benefits of Getting Workplace Massages

Here are some of the benefits that our loyal clients say they see after regular visits from our practitioners.

• Positive changes in the productivity, concentration and creativity levels of working professionals • Reduction in stress, fatigue, and depression • Less absenteeism • People report having reduced tension in muscles of the neck, shoulders and arms. Thus, having fewer headaches and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) • The natural release of endorphins creating increased energy and 'happy vibes' in the workplace

For those interested in getting workplace massages, our treatment package will be customised to suit the individual needs of each business in Sydney and Melbourne. Our therapists are available to provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or one-off visits.

Mobile workplace options include:

• 5 to 30-minute on-site massage • 5 to 30-minute treatments are provided using an on-site massage chair or massage table.

After our therapists arrive at the workplace, the massages can be given in a meeting room, a private recreation area, or any other space in the office where the employees will be comfortable to get a massage. If the setting allows it and the customer wants, our therapists can set up aromatherapy oil burners and play relaxation music.

If there is less time to receive the massages, you can arrange for power massage sessions that can last 5-10 minutes. These workplace massages are given on the desk to ease muscles and get a dose of energy that surges by getting a swift rub from an expert. Our power massage session is also called the 5-min motivator. It is ideal when there are multiple employees, and there is a shortage of time. The 5-minute massage session is easy to manage and provide because our therapists give them on desks or anywhere the customer is sitting. The usual office routine is not disturbed, and everyone can resume working as soon as the session ends.